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Useful Links

The internet is, of course, a great source of information about the area round Linlithgow Cottages, and a lot will depend on individual interests, but the following collection is just a sample of what is available.

For general information, covers all of the local attractions, and the town of Linlithgow itself is very well covered by which is a mine of useful information.   One of the great advantages of staying at Linlithgow Cottages is how near we are to Edinburgh, and sites like and will provide most of what you need.

Our local attractions mostly have their own websites with lots of useful information.   The Falkirk Wheel is an engineering marvel and not to be missed - check out .    One of Scotland's finest stately homes, Hopetoun House, is just a few miles from the cottages, and details are available on .  For Dan Brown fans, or Da Vinci Code enthusiasts, a visit to Roslin Chapel is essential - see for information about the Chapel, opening times and so on. Finally, if like us you like to see the country in the best way, by walking through it's stunning scenery, a good starting point is the Tourist Boards walking website - where you can download walking routes.